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Friday 3rd – Sunday 12th January 2020

Nga Tawa College, Marton

For all young adults aged 18-35


The Holy Spirit “rests” on Simeon.

Their relationship is more than just a passing experience or momentary prayer; it’s regular, intentional, consistent.

Simeon’s faithful prayer welcomes the Holy Spirit. His desire and God’s grace help him to avoid anything that rejects God.

In return, the Holy Spirit not only rests on him but becomes his place of rest.


The Holy Spirit “reveals” to Simeon that he will not die before seeing the Christ. This comes from radical trust – believing that God can and does speak to us.

And then the Spirit guides Simeon to the place where he is able to meet Jesus. This builds radical trust – seeing God deliver on His promises.

Simeon is then so alert to God’s voice that he is able to recognise the infant Jesus as the Messiah. This is radical trust – responding to God’s promptings in the moment.


Simeon is waiting for the “restoration”, or ‘consolation’, of Israel.

But this isn’t some inactive stillness. Simeon is actively hoping for this restoration, this fulfilment of God’s promise.

As he hopes and works and waits and prays, the Holy Spirit is also restoring him, creating him anew.

The Holy Spirit is not to be outdone in generosity.

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