Craft supplies

A highlight of our Final Dinner each year is often the display of the Small Group Challenge. Each discussion group has to produce something unique to show off the theme for Hearts that year; previous challenges have had the groups designing table runners, stations of the cross, and full costumes.

Creating these various masterpieces often takes a lot of paint, glue, fabric, and other assorted craft items (sometimes including foliage from our venue!). Your donation helps to offset these costs and ensure that we’re able to continue promoting creativity and the arts.

We want to to ensure that your donation is used effectively for the glory of God in New Zealand, so your donation through these items will go towards all the various work of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School and not necessarily solely to the item that you select here. For instance, fifty First Aid kits would be a bit excessive! Instead we’ll transfer those surplus donations to other areas and needs of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.