Lecturer Gift

Each year Hearts Aflame hosts around 20 speakers from across New Zealand and around the world. These include world-class speakers, university lecturers, and more. None of them are paid for their work at Hearts Aflame but all of them make sacrifices to be there.

Though we’re not able to pay our lecturers and other helpers, we always want to show our appreciation for the amazing work they do. Your donation here will ensure we can thank them and encourage them in their faith through an appropriate gift.

We want to to ensure that your donation is used effectively for the glory of God in New Zealand, so your donation through these items will go towards all the various work of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School and not necessarily solely to the item that you select here. For instance, fifty First Aid kits would be a bit excessive! Instead we’ll transfer those surplus donations to other areas and needs of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.