Booklet & lanyard

Hearts Aflame is a massive ten days, and we don’t want our participants getting lost or missing out on great sessions. So not only do we give them a nametag in a handy lanyard, we also provide each of them with a detailed timetable which can slot into that lanyard, plus a booklet filled with helpful information, prayers, inspirational reflections and more!

The printing of all of this (plus associated shipping costs) starts to stack up pretty quickly when we have around 100 participants. Your donation helps to offset this cost and ensure that each young adult is able to make the most of their ten days at Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.

We want to to ensure that your donation is used effectively for the glory of God in New Zealand, so your donation through these items will go towards all the various work of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School and not necessarily solely to the item that you select here. For instance, fifty First Aid kits would be a bit excessive! Instead we’ll transfer those surplus donations to other areas and needs of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.