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The participants that come to Hearts Aflame pay their own way to the tune of approximately $550 per person. But every year we have administration, accommodation and travel costs for our speakers and priests that exceed the income we receive from registrations.

Hearts Aflame receives no permanent funding from the Church in New Zealand. The only source of funding we do receive comes from independent donations, and from year to year we have absolutely no guarantee that we will receive any money to be able to cover the financial shortfall.

With your financial support many more young adults can be formed in the faith and Hearts Aflame can be around for another 25 years!

We want to to ensure that your donation is used effectively for the glory of God in New Zealand, so your donation through these items will go towards all the various work of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School and not necessarily solely to the item that you select here. We’ll transfer any surplus donations to other areas and needs of Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.

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