Christ encounters us in the struggle...

Even after the profound experience of the events of the Resurrection, Peter turns back to the place where he knows he is competent: I’m going fishing. And yet, his efforts and skill are fruitless. That night they caught nothing… Christ encounters him in this place of discouragement and calls Peter out of a trust in his own abilities and into a trust in obedience to Christ’s Word.

...invites us into active trust...

Peter, a competent and experienced fisherman, is invited by an apparent stranger to do something that doesn’t make sense. However, schooled by Christ into trust, Peter takes the risk and casts his net in trust. We too are called to this active trust which pushes us beyond our familiar and comfortable and into the openness of faith.

...then draws us into mission.

Peter’s decision to trust and surrender led to a miracle– a catch so large they were unable to haul in the net. When we surrender in trust, Grace overflows for the world. The Lord fills our nets in abundance, but the abundance is never too much for us, the net keeps expanding, it will not break.

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Christ encounters us in the struggle, invites us into active trust, then draws us into mission.

Christ does not call us to be comfortable in a safe, stoic faith, but to take the risk of total trust in Him. In Simon Peter’s encounter with the Risen Jesus by the lake of Tiberias (John 21), Peter is challenged by Christ to go beyond the familiar, (and the apparent failure of his own efforts), and to cast forth his net in faith. The result is an abundant catch which opens Peter’s eyes to the presence of Christ with him, and his heart to his own personal mission as a fisher of men.

To the young people of New Zealand (November 22nd, 1986) | St. John Paul II

This turning point in the life of Peter came about at the initiative of Jesus, not at the initiative of Peter. Peter’s attempt ends in failure; but when he fishes at Jesus’ command, the nets are filled to the breaking point.

Dear young people of New Zealand: Jesus looks with love on each of you, as he did on Peter, on the faithful Apostles, and on the rich young man. Only one of these went away sad: the one who was afraid of sacrifice, the one who said no. Since the Cross of Christ is the sign of love and salvation, we should not be surprised that all true love requires sacrifice.

Do not be afraid, then, when love makes demands.

Do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice. Do not be afraid of the Cross of Christ. The Cross is the Tree of Life. It is the source of all joy and peace. It was the only way for Jesus to reach resurrection and triumph. It is the only way for us to share in his life, now and for ever.

Young people of New Zealand: Jesus is with you. Do not be afraid! 

A Message from the Lake – New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference

“Duc in altum” launch out into the deep. We do so with courage and a strong sense of mission knowing that we are not doing it in isolation but in support of each other, and in awareness of the fact that we are supported by an army of saints who walk alongside us.

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